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Sundance Crossbody Clutch by Wildflower Crochet Co. | A Pattern Review from Chain3Magazine

I first noticed Candace of Wildflower Crochet Co. on Instagram because she makes the cutest fringed banners, like seriously cute! Check out her Instagram @wildflowercrochetco and you’ll see what I mean!

When I saw her Sundance Crossbody Clutch I knew I had to make this crochet moss stitch bag, so I jumped at the chance to pattern test this baby!

Click HERE to find this pattern on Etsy, or click HERE to find this pattern on Ravelry.

Sundance Crossbody Clutch Pattern and Materials Info

This pattern calls for Bernat Maker Home Dec, which is a tubular style cotton/nylon blend yarn that is super soft and gives great stitch definition for this crochet moss stitch bag.

It is rated as a bulky size 5 yarn, but it is on the thinner side of size 5. Bernat Maker Home Dec works up beautifully for this clutch, but if you are substituting for a different size 5 yarn, then you may end up with a slightly bigger clutch. Bernat Beyond or Lion Brand Color Made Easy would be great acrylic substitutions for Home Dec (be sure to check yardage comparison to ensure you grab enough skeins).

Check out Fiber Flux’s video review below for more Maker Home Dec info…

Things I Love About This Pattern

  • It’s a gorgeous design!
  • There are 3 strap options (that’s right, 3!)
  • I was able to squeeze 2 bags out of one skein of Bernat Maker Home Dec (I went easy on some of the fringe and used every inch of yarn).
  • The modern boho design of this clutch makes it appealing to all ages.
  • All of the reasons above make this project perfect for sale at handmade markets.
  • The pattern pdf utilizes hyperlinks for you to easily switch between the written pattern instructions and the photo visual aids.

Things I Didn’t Love About This Pattern

  • It’s times like this that I ask myself “Why in the world did I ever put this category on my blog??” because seriously there is nothing that I didn’t love.
  • Okay, okay, so if I absolutely had to pick one thing that I didn’t love, it would have to be that there were no page numbers on the pattern, which I only noticed because I was pattern testing and was really trying my hardest to be critical. The good news though, is that the layout is organized so well that you probably won’t even notice that it’s missing page numbers.

Tips for Beginners

  • Be sure to check out the “Pro Tips” the designer has included for some helpful tidbits of info.
  • Message me if you are having any troubles. I’ve made 4 of these babies already and can most certainly lend a helping hook!
crochet moss stitch bag

Now it’s your turn! Grab your supplies and get started! Be sure to drop by and let me know how much you loved creating this project! XOXO, Jules

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