Infinity Cowl by Joy of Motion

Crochet Infinity Cowl by Joy of Motion | Pattern Review

I am in LOVE with the texture of this crochet infinity cowl by Janne Kleivset from Joy of Motion!

This gorgeous texture is created using “the bubblepattern” as it’s called in the pattern. Many of you will recognize it as the Elizabeth stitch or the mini bean stitch!

Click HERE to find this pattern on Ravelry, HERE to find this pattern in her online shop, or HERE to find the free version (with ads) on her website.

Crochet Infinity Cowl Pattern and Materials Info

This pattern calls for a 12mm hook and 174 yards / 160 meters of size 6 super bulky yarn. The exact yarn that is mentioned in the pattern is We Are Knitters – The Wool.

I have been wanting to try that wool for a while now because of how cozy it looks, so I decided to order some online.

Now I wait…..

Okay. Let’s be honest here… I am terrible at waiting and I was too excited to start this pattern and so I grabbed a green Buttercream Thick & Thin yarn from my stash and here I am hooking away! Also, I seem to use the word “so” quite a lot!

Infinity Cowl by Joy of Motion

I ended up only using 1 ball of yarn for each of my cowls – the pattern indicated 2 balls would be needed. I attribute this to two things: my preferred cowl height (mine is shorter) and gauge (what the heck is gauge, right??? lol).

Real talk tho, my gauge was off, but I didn’t mind because I was still super happy with how both of my cowls looked.

Plus, gauge isn’t necessarily important for every type of pattern.

Infinity Cowl by Joy of Motion

Things I Love About This Pattern

  • It’s beautiful.
  • I didn’t need 2 balls to complete the pattern (money saver).
  • Pattern is clear and well written.
  • A link to a video tutorial that shows how to crochet the bubblepattern stitch (not the entire pattern) is provided.
  • Pattern is written in one size, however instructions on how to customize it are included.
  • Keeps my face nice and warm on evening walks with my dog.
  • The PDF version of this pattern contains instructions on how to receive a 20% discount on your next pattern purchase.

Things I Didn’t Love About This Pattern

  • Absolutely nothing (I had to be really knit picky to find something I didn’t love). I actually found myself wearing my hair down (instead of the usual topknot) and applying a touch of makeup because I felt so beautiful wearing it.
  • The links to alternative yarns did not include alternates for this cowl, but is a great resource to find alternative yarns.

Tips for Beginners

  • I recommend crocheting row 1 into the back bump of the starting chain to give a more finished look to that edge. For a video tutorial on this technique, see blow.
  • I didn’t crochet the last round in the pattern because I liked how the cowl looked after completing the second to last round. Let your style guide you.

Now it’s your turn! Grab your supplies and get started! Be sure to drop by and let me know how much you loved creating this project! XOXO, Jules

Infinity Cowl by Joy of Motion

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