brooklyn ridge hat by sewrella

Crochet Brooklyn Ridge Hat by Sewrella | Pattern Review

If you follow Ashleigh Kiser AKA Sewrella on Instagram then you have most likely seen the Brooklyn Ridge Hat on her feed or in her stories.

And if you are like me, then you were undoubtedly drawn to it’s knit-look design. I just can’t get enough of the stuff! Lol.

Click HERE to find this pattern on Etsy or HERE to find the free version (with ads) on her website.

Crochet Brooklyn Ridge Hat Pattern and Materials Info

This pattern calls for 1 skein of Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy.  I have to say that I was very surprised at the size of the skein. It was quite a bit bigger than I expected.

brooklyn ridge hat by sewrella

And just as Ashleigh mentions on her website, I was even able to make two Brooklyn Ridge hats out of my one skein – one adult woman’s size for me and one child size for my little.

brooklyn ridge hat sewrella

Things I Love About This Pattern

  • This hat works up very quickly.
  • The slight slouch effect.
  • Head measuring instructions for sizing were wonderfully accurate, including the modification for stretch.
  • The technique used to close up the top of the hat worked really well and the pictorial instructions were very helpful.

Things I Didn’t Love About This Pattern

  • The PDF copy of this pattern was not what I would consider large print. This is not an issue for people viewing it on a phone, table, or computer as you can zoom in and out. This could be troublesome for makers who like to print out hard copies of their patterns.
  • There is a photo on the website version of this pattern that is not included in the PDF which could prove to be useful for beginners. (More on this in the Tips for Beginners section below.)

Tips for Beginners

  • I wouldn’t worry about gauge in this pattern, this project focuses more on dimensions.
  • Sometimes beginner crocheters have difficulty keeping edges straight and end up with trapezoid shaped projects (when it should be a rectangle shaped piece as in this Brooklyn Ridge hat). Sewrella has a handy video tutorial (see below) for helping you keep those edges nice and straight.
  • If you are following the pattern via the PDF, and are having trouble closing up the hat, then refer to the pattern via the website for an additional photo that could help as it shows a slightly more detailed view of where to place your whip stitches.
  • Be sure not to sew the top of the hat flat. You will be placing the whip stitches all around the edge of the tube.

Now it’s your turn! Grab your supplies and get started! Be sure to drop by and let me know how much you loved creating this project! XOXO, Jules

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brooklyn ridge hat by sewrella

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